2022 Kris Jenner Holiday Social


Impressive ROAS: Achieved an outstanding average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of $13.11, surpassing the channel benchmark of $2.
Creative Overhaul: Took a hands-on approach to re-storyboarding creative and personally oversaw extensive rework and detailed editing to salvage footage from a TV commercial shoot for final ads.

Creative Director: Maddy Hague
Storyboards and Scripts: Katelyn McDonough, Sam Onken, Shauna YoungeMerritt Bamrick


During the 2022 holiday season, Shutterfly collaborated with Kris Jenner to kick off the holidays. Leading two teams, each consisting of one writer and one art director, I guided the concept development, storyboarding, and script writing for the campaign. This process resulted in three social ads produced in conjunction with the anthem TV spots that ran on both Meta and TikTok. The Kris Jenner social ads delivered a robust $13.11 in-platform ROAS, marking a +70% increase compared to the Q4 Meta campaign average and an impressive 6.5x the channel benchmark of $2.

Much like reality TV, this project had its fair share of drama and challenges that pushed me in unexpected ways. The footage from the agency-led TV commercial shoot for the social spots had notable issues, including being shot with the wrong type of teleprompter used, causing Kris to frequently look off to the side of the camera. Editing multiple takes together was necessary for two of the three spots. Internal concerns about the production value being too high-end for social media, particularly TikTok, arose, leading to additional challenges like digital retouching, including rebuilding one of Kris's eyes in 3D CGI.

Given the high profile and high stakes of the campaign, and the promise of a social execution to support TV, I assured the CMO that there was a salvageable path forward but acknowledged the required effort. I calmly re-storyboarded each video, incorporating content from existing takes and B-roll from the TV shoot. To address the eye-darting issue, I strategically inserted zoom-ins on desktop, app, or mobile UI. Collaborating closely with the post-production team, we processed digital retouching requests and intentionally downgraded the film's quality, adding subtle camera shake for a more casual feel. The final touch included adding a music track to the background, opening the ads with a promo offer, and incorporating captions for a Sound Off experience—aligned with the established best practices on the channel.

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