2023 Tiny Prints Holiday Mailer

Creative Director: Maddy Hague
Illustrator: Maddy Hague
Associate Creative Director: Anne Heike
Lead Designer: Kelsey Splinter
Art Directors: Katelyn McDonough and Sam Onken
Lead Copywriter: Shauna Younge
Photographers: Kyle Johnson-MacPherson and Abe Holte
Stylist: Kirki Schultz 


The 2023 Tiny Prints holiday mailer marked the third iteration of the holiday campaign that I initially led for the brand in 2021. This campaign showcased sculptural paper botanical silhouettes I illustrated to impart a seasonal yet elevated ambiance, distinctly setting the boutique Tiny Prints brand apart from the core Shutterfly brand. The tonal approach adopted was deliberate, ensuring that the spotlight remained on the product. To maintain visual interest, we played with light, dimension, and paper texture.

A notable addition for 2023 was the introduction of an evolved color palette featuring elegant sage and champagne gold. This carefully crafted color scheme was designed to harmonize with the core Shutterfly holiday campaign while maintaining a clear distinction. The choice of colors added a touch of sophistication to the overall presentation, contributing to a refined and visually compelling holiday mailer experience.

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