2023 Travel Mini Campaign


Impressive Engagement: Delivered a 34% project start rate on the landing page – strong performance for non-home page.
CMS Innovation: Pushed the boundaries of the existing CMS to simplify lower modules, resulting in a more modern look and feel for enhanced user experience.
Dynamic Visuals: Incorporated motion through rotating galleries, effectively collapsing messaging and attracting attention to key elements.

This site-focused campaign tackled a complex creative challenge: elevating travel modules and messaging using only existing content. The resulting style guide provided a strategic framework for utilizing color to create cohesion and draw attention without overwhelming. Implementation on the landing page carefully integrated pops of orange amidst warm neutrals, ensuring a balanced and visually compelling journey down the page.

Travel Mini Campaign Deliverables

SITE & Style guide

Creative Director: Maddy Hague
Associate Creative Director: Bobbie Huckleberry
 Designers: Alisa Messing and Josh McGee-Plys
Copywriter: Kristin Kepplinger


In 2023, our Integrated Marketing team identified an opportunity to tap into increased travel interest post-COVID restrictions. Tasked with a "mini campaign" solution, our focus was primarily on-site, necessitating creative problem-solving within tight bandwidth and timing constraints, relying solely on existing assets.

Given the absence of new photography, our approach involved two key strategies. First, we collaborated with the post-production team to infuse color strategically into existing assets, opting for an orange hue to convey the warmth associated with travel. This color was seamlessly woven into various elements, from propping and architecture to product design selections. Second, emphasis was placed on product designs themselves, choosing items with expansive photo areas to immediately evoke a sense of travel.

Beyond photography, we leveraged the opportunity to push the limits of our site's CMS capabilities, aiming to modernize the user experience. Streamlining modules and messaging was a major focus, evident in the "Reasons to Buy" module where key messages were highlighted through a rotating gallery function. The landing page innovations not only influenced the site's design system for the rest of the year but also contributed to an impressive 34% project start rate, showcasing the campaign's impact.

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