Sleep Number Corporate Responsibility Report


Transformative Impact: Successfully enhanced our investment outlook by significantly lowering our risk rankings as published by ISS — transitioning from medium and high risk to low risk — resulting in a substantial positive financial impact for the company.

Lead Designer: Maddy Hague
Creative Director: Rich Schindeldecker


To bolster Sleep Number’s ISS Governance QualityScore ratings, a cross-functional team collaborated on crafting an extensive report detailing the company's practices and policies regarding its business and the environment.

The initial brief was straightforward: refine the documentation and infographics within a tight timeframe. Recognizing the pivotal importance of this report, I took the initiative to go beyond the basic requirements, creating a document that authentically portrayed the company beyond mere data. In collaboration with the Senior Manager of Recruitment Marketing, I integrated imagery showcasing Sleep Number's diverse employee base, along with direct quotes about their experiences, adding a human face to the Human Resources-related disclosures.

Prioritizing readability due to the nature of the report, I intentionally incorporated ample white space into the high-end editorial design. Since this document is available only as a PDF, I had the flexibility to utilize as many pages as necessary to narrate the company's story. This approach allowed for generous spacing in significant sections, preventing an overwhelming reading experience and enabling readers to focus on content in more manageable portions.

Additionally, I implemented a color-coded navigation system, breaking the report into four distinct sections. The chosen colors, present in the strip on the right side, headlines, paragraph labels, list bullets, charts, and page numbers, provided coherence. The infographics underwent a cleanup and simplification process, utilizing colors from the navigation palette, and circular shapes echoing our logo were strategically incorporated.

Ultimately, this report wielded significant influence on the company's standing with both current and prospective shareholders. Social and Environmental disclosure rankings, previously at 6 and 8 respectively (with a score of 10 indicating the highest risk for investors), improved to 2 and 3 after the report's publication.

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