Sleep Number Holiday Facebook Ads

Lead Designer: Maddy Hague
Creative Director: Rich Schindeldecker
Copy: Jen Larson
Animator: Sam Mattson


Highlighted are three examples from our Holiday 2019 Facebook ad campaign, each representing a distinct facet of our seasonal offerings: a flagship event ad, a bedding product ad, and a promo messaging ad.

Drawing inspiration from our Holiday Style Guide, I took the established elements and elevated them specifically for the Facebook channel. Key features were carefully adapted to maximize impact while seamlessly fitting into the browsing experience. The static bokeh and stars were designed to create subtle movement, adding an element of dynamism. String lights were brought to life with a flickering effect, enhancing their visual appeal. Our gold type treatment underwent a glittery upgrade, ensuring a captivating shimmer that catches the eye amid the scroll.

In addition to these visual enhancements, a thoughtful "Sound On" bonus was incorporated. Cheerful holiday music played in the background, creating a multisensory experience that complemented the festive visuals. This holistic approach aimed to capture and hold the attention of users casually scrolling through their Facebook feed, ensuring our holiday offerings stood out in the seasonal advertising landscape.

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