Splendid Supply Co. Brand & Product

While the website structure was based on a highly customized template, I invested substantial effort in each module to impart a distinct, customized brand feel. Several standout modules graced the site, showcasing the essence of our offerings.

Featured Hero Product Modules


I concepted and animated several Paid Social ads over the course of my time running Splendid Supply Co. Much like the rest of the design system, they ads were colorful and used animation to be highly interruptive in the feed. These ads were designed to show off key product features like the highly customized designs or the ability to have personalized foil.

Facebook & Instagram Ads


The e-mail design system was very clean and modern to mirror the rest of the design aesthetic. All e-mails opened with an eyebrow message (generally around always-on Free Shipping) followed immediately by a clickable logo and the hero module. Hero modules always had a motion element for surprise and delight; for example, a design may change customizations like color or foil, or the design could swap out entirely.

Subscriber Welcome E-Mail


This is a sampling of the modern gifting and home decor product designs I created for the brand. Customers were able to change the monograms or names, the colors, and even the foil on select products.

Modern Customized Gift Design


Creative Director/Lead Designer: Maddy Hague


Splendid Supply Co. was a small business I ran for several years as I ventured into the world of product and surface design. It evolved out of a blog I ran called Somewhere Splendid, which focused on home decor and entertaining. The product selection paralleled the blog, featuring product designs for the home and for gifting that could be completely customized — from color palette, to foil choice, to name or monogram.

As a small business owner on a shoestring budget, I personally handled as much as I could from start to finish. Product photography relied heavily on my personal Photoshop skills applied to mockups and stock imagery to make it feel branded. I applied my animation skills to support e-mail and paid social channels. While the e-commerce site was a highly customized template, I curated the modules within the template for it to feel more custom. A lot of work, overall — but a great experience and challenge.

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