Target Baby Registry Catalog

Designer/Art Director: Maddy Hague
Photographers: Kim Cornelison, Michael Haug, and Earl Kendall
Stylist: Kirki Schultz, David Anger, and Gerald Kollodge


As an art director and lead graphic designer for the 2011 Target Baby Catalog, I played a key role in aligning the book with the new marketing direction for Baby in-store signage. The photo style adopted bright, natural light looks and "lived-in" sets, creating a friendly and approachable atmosphere to ease Mom-to-Be into the process of registering.

I crafted a soft and sweet design system that resonated with the department's essence. Utilizing Archer for headline and product name copy, I introduced ribbon "bookmarks" inspired by storybooks and hairline weight divider lines resembling ric-rac ribbon.
To enhance usability, the catalog was strategically divided into sections based on baby age, helping the registrant identify when each product might be needed. A color-coded system, visible on the edge of the paper when closed, allowed Mom-to-Be to locate sections at a glance, fostering a more organized and enjoyable experience.

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