The it™ Bed Brand Redesign


Strategic Leadership in Crisis: Stepped into the lead creative role, reporting directly to the CMO, for a crucial pivot to salvage a failing product launch for Sleep Number's bed-in-a-box brand.
Multichannel Expertise in Action: Applied a wealth of experience across print, email, and display channels, while also contributing to PR efforts with branded editorial graphics.

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project write-up

This print piece, designed to facilitate in-person sales within stores and at events, features simple and quickly digestible information. It highlights the top-selling features while providing a cross-category sales opportunity for Bedding.

Informational Brochure


Several email executions were implemented to rapidly increase sales. The redesign combined bold, attention-getting graphics with promotions and user reviews to reverse the downward trend. The goal was to effectively engage the long interest list from events and the website, enhancing the conversion rate.

Promo and Retargeting E-Mails


Display ads played a crucial role in the growth strategy for The it™ Bed, with a robust re-targeting program. These ads addressed price point concerns associated with Sleep Number products, targeting the demographic effectively and highlighting core features or benefits to "close the deal."

Feature - Benefit HTML5 Animated Ads


To engage more influencer voices, especially in tech and lifestyle spaces, a press fact sheet was developed as part of the strategy for the brand shift. This supported the PR team in their pitches to influencers.

Press Fact Sheet for Influencers


Creative Director/Lead Designer: Maddy Hague


In a bid to compete with brands like Purple and Casper, Sleep Number introduced a bed-in-a-box brand called The it™ Bed. Despite the company's history of successful product launches, this one immediately fell short of projections, prompting swift intervention from the CEO and CMO. Recognized as high performers on our respective teams, my marketing partner and I formed a "two in a box" wartime team, reporting directly to the CMO for high-level oversight.

Our initial analysis of market research revealed two critical issues. First, there was a challenge with price perception, especially among the younger core audience who viewed Sleep Number as their "parents' expensive bed." Second, consumer research indicated a preference for a more youthful brand system. In response, we prioritized affordability in our creative approach and revamped the design and photo system to be more modern and youthful. The split-screen visual approach showcased different people and spaces, emphasizing the bed's ability to support diverse needs and personalities. This was mirrored in the graphic system with color blocked modules. In addition, I overhauled the typography, the color palette, and the icon system to be more in line with the audience we were aiming for. Because the logo would have to live on in pre-printed packaging and product tags, we were asked to keep it in place and build the system around it.

By swiftly adjusting design and messaging priorities, we stabilized the business and reversed a significant sales shortfall. Although the bed was eventually retired, our quick pivots prevented a substantial financial setback for the company.

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